Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work, friends and Spanish adventures.

I've been working a lot.  I got two really good freelance jobs that I have told most of you about.  One is for a food, wine and travel blog called and the other is for a music website called SKATIC.  I do social networking for both sites and it has really been a blast.   For SKATIC I get to do interviews and blog as well.  I will be posting an interview that I am doing with an artists that Beyonce named hot new artists in Vogue magazine. I love that I am able to do something to help my career while traveling and teaching in Spain.

Anyway right now Mike is visiting and we've been having a really good time.  I'm super tired because of all the work while trying to make Mike's trip here memorable.  We have gone out a couple of nights, Pinxos, bars, wine etc.  All the normal stuff.  Things have been smooth with the roommates and he seems to get along with my friends here too.  Today was the only nice day since he has been here so we rushed to the bus as soon as I got home from school.  We took the bus to a random village called Nalda.  Nalda was even cooler than the last village I randomly wandered into.

Nalda was extremely small.  We went into the local bar as soon as we got there and had a cafe con leche and a glass of water before heading on our adventure.  We wandered around until we found a road that seemed to go into the mountains.  And let me tell you, it went into the mountains (this road went all the way to the top).  On the road we encountered one person, this person looked about 95 years old and was walking up the hill as slowly as you could imagine.  He had a walking stick and muttered a few inaudible words as we passed.  As we walked up passed a huge 3 story building that looked like development had been abandoned and then inhabited by people. There was a guard dog and goats wandering around amongst completely destroyed construction equipment. The road eventually lead all the way to the top of the highest mountain in the area. The road became so steep that it was difficult to climb. Near the very top of the mountain there was a sign that said no vehicles (the sign was like a city road sign) and was located far beyond where any car I have ever seen could possibly go. There were huge vultures flying overhead and we had not seen anyone for miles. The view was absolutely amazing. Just a great hike. Plenty of pictures below.

After the hike we went back to the village and wandered around. We were stared at by everyone in the village. It's like the whole place knew that we were there and people would talk to us, stare and laugh. Apparently this village is nearly 1000 years old. There were houses that I couldn't believe anyone could live in, similar to the previous village I have been to. It's just hard to put into words. Oh yeah... On the bus ride home we saw the same drunk guy on a donkey. Got a (bad) photo of him this time.

Anyway tomorrow Mike will be attending school with me, which will be interesting. In the evening Jared arrives and the three of us will be headed to Bilbao to see Mike off at the airport. We are going to see an old friend from middle school and check out the Guggenheim museum. Granted I will have another blost post before too long. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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