Saturday, June 4, 2011


 I said my final goodbyes to all my friends in Logrono and headed south to Granada for a final destination in Spain. I choose Granada because I remembered it as the city leaving the most impact on me 10 years ago when I visited Spain as a kid. Once again Granada proved to be my favorite city in Spain.

I started the journey on a night bus that took 12 hours from Logrono arriving in Granada as 6:30 am. I took me nearly 3 hours of climbing a mountain and wondering around before I finally found the hostel I had booked. After a shower and a quick rest I was ready to rediscover the city.

The first thing I did was climb higher into the mountains where the gypsies live in caves. It's a really cool neighborhood that starts out as whitewashed small concrete houses and slowly the houses become more cave like until you end up in a neighborhood of only caves. On the way up there are small gypsy taverns and flamenco bars. It's a great site and a must see in Granada.

I love Granada more than any other city in Spain because of the smells, sounds and tastes. As you walk down the street you cannot go anywhere without hearing someone playing flamenco music on their guitar, usually accompanied by 1-3 other people clapping and stomping to add to the flamenco sounds. The smells as you walk down the Islamic neighborhood are of fresh teas, hookah and spices. And the tastes are of free tapas at nearly every bar. Order a small beer and you get a tapa which usually consists of something hot, a salad and some french fries. Three 1.70 euro small beers later and you have had a full meal for free. You simply cannot beat it.

My second full day started with a tour of the beautiful Alhambra castle. Anything I say, and even the photos, cannot do this place justice. It is said to be on par as the 7 wonders of the world. I have included some photos, but if you are ever in Spain this is one of the best places to visit.

Anyway, Granada was great and today is my last day in Spain. I am headed to Algeciras where I am taking a ferry which will take me to Morocco where I will spend the next 5 days.


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