Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plans, Plans, Plans

I figured I'd make a little "plans" update since I have not posted for awhile.

First and most importantly I have been working on my application to teach in Seoul South Korea next August.  I will be turning in the application on April 1st.  After the application there will be an interview and eventually (in July) all the visa papers will need to be turned in.  Sounds like I will be going to Korea alone but thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook I found out that someone I knew from Chapman is in Seoul teaching now so hopefully she can help me out when I first get there.  Also, like Spain, a few people have said they will be visiting me at some point.

My time here in Spain is quickly coming to an end with just two more months of classes.  I will bring my camera to class and take photos before my last day.

On the weekend of the 7th of April I am off to Madrid yet again.  This time to meet up with Caity Thompson and Andy Nichols.  It should be a fun weekend.

Two weeks after my dad will be meeting me in Logrono.  We will be visiting a few wineries or bodegas, as well as the famous Dinastia Vivanco wine museum.  I'll have to find a nice restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthday on April 20th; which I am sure he is excited that he will be in Spain for.  Then we will be driving to Zaragoza for a quick day-trip on the way to Barcelona.  Once in Barcelona we will be ditching the car and taking a train through France where we will be stopping in Montepiliar and Nice.  After France we will be taking a train to Venice.  It's going to be a great trip and I cannot wait to see Italy for the first time and show my dad Spain.

This last week I purchased the ticket that will eventually get me home.  The ticket I bought was a one-way from Copenhagen Denmark to New York City.  And this will be the last leg of a month long vacation where I will do a little tour.

My vacation plans are as follow:

Granada Spain (2 nights)
Morocco (1 week) 4 Days in Fez and 2 in Tangier
Vienna Austria (2 nights)
Budapest Hungry (2 Nights)
Hannover Germany (4 Nights staying with Jacob Anderson)
Copenhagen Denmark (2 Nights)

I will be back in Portland on June 21st or 22nd, and I will be staying for about 1 month.  

I'm thinking after spending a week in Morocco I will be more prepared for the culture shock in Korea.  Also, anyone who has been to any of these places and wants to share some insight I would love some tips.

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