Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Update

Last weekend I went to Madrid to meet Caity and Andy.  Stayed three nights and we had a great time.  Didn't see much daylight.  

Also last week was completely beautiful, 80+ degrees, sunny,  and the flowers were blooming.  I took a hike with a friend of mine in La Rioja and it was beautiful.  I only got a couple pictures because my battery died on my camera.

Other than that haven't done much traveling or blog worthy things the past few weeks but I have a few updates.

Next week is my last week before Semana Santa, during which my dad will be here and we will be traveling.

After that I have just one more month left in Spain before traveling and heading to Portland.  I am going to miss all the friends I have made here, and I will miss Spain in general.   It is a bittersweet goodbye, because I am also looking forward to what is coming next.

When I get back to Oregon on July 20th I will be rushing to get my visa completed within 30 days because by being in the USA less than 35 days in a 12 month period I will save a lot on my 2011 taxes.  So my current plan is to fly to Puebla Mexico after those 30 days and stay there for a month and a half.  I  have made a bunch of friends from Puebla during my time here in Spain.  Also the cost of living is much lower than most other places I could go, and I have always wanted to go to Latin America.

Also here is an article I recently had published.
Bodegas de La Rioja: Part 1

A couple pictures from my hike.

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