Saturday, April 30, 2011

France Has Got It Too: Wine and Food

 After stopping in Zaragoza and staying a few days in Barcelona we took a train through all of Southern France. One night in Montpelier, to break the trip up a bit, and two nights in Nice. Montpelier was a little less touristy and an interesting experience having been to Paris 4-5 times and never anywhere else in France. The food was great, the coffee was great and the weather was amazing.

Nice also had amazing weather. We stayed in a very nice small hotel on top of a mountain overlooking the entire city. The hotel was run by a very nice couple who seemed to really enjoy all the hard work of running this wonderful place. To give you an idea of how small and homey the hotel was, the couple asked us the night before if we wanted to eat breakfast because they would be making the breads fresh and needed to know how many guests would be eating breakfast. Of course we at the breakfast that consisted of 4 different types of breads, a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, it was the perfect start to each morning.

I spent the entire two days walking along the beach, and through the old town while enjoying the weather. I have no complaints about France and would love to spend more time seeing this beautiful country that has everything I love; good food, wine, weather and a strong culture.

I hope that my pictures can give you an enjoyable view of my experience. Also expect another blog about traveling through northern Italy to spend 3 days in Venice.

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