Sunday, October 3, 2010

Madrid to Logrono

On my birthday in Madrid there was a General strike in all of Spain.  People rampaged through the city shouting, celebrating, protesting, and putting stuckers all over everything.  It was really an interesting sight.  I did not really do anything for my birthday until the following night.

On the 30th I went to a show with two of my favorite Dj's; Rex the Dog and Erol Alkin.  Some spanish band called Dorian played too.  The venue was huge and really a sight in-and-of itself.  So I had a pretty good birthday I would say.

Orientation was boring and I could not really understand much of what they were telling me.  Maybe that is why by the time my 4 hour long bus ride reached it's destination in Logrono I was lost and confused with no place to stay.  I wandered around looking for a hostel;  the first hostel was completely full, so was the second hostel,  the third hostel was not a hostel it was an apartment building.  I was starting to get really frustrated, tired and not too sure where I was going to stay.  And I was starting to get worried that my rolling bag was going to break and I was going to be really stuck.  The bag is really on its last leg; the handle is wobbly and feels like its about to break off.  I just hope it makes it long enough for me to find a place to live.  Well, luckily I was able to find a place with a room, unluckily this place was a fairly expensive hotel.  I am spending two nights in this hotel and then I have 2 nights booked in a cheaper one that I found for tomorrow.

The apartment search is not going well.  I have emailed dozens of people and only 2 have returned my emails.  The first one said that they wanted me to be a girl.  The second one may lead to something we will find out soon I hope.

I am meeting with the english teachers of both schools tomorrow afternoon and I am hoping that they can help me out a little bit.

All that being said, Logrono seems to be a very amazing and beautiful city.  It feels much larger and more "city like" than I had expected.  The streets are filled with people eating tapas, drinking wine (lots and lots of wine), and eating ice cream.  The weather here is much hotter than Madrid and there are tons of ice cream stores and it seems like everyone is always eating ice cream.

The last 4 pictures are of Logrono.

I am missing home, but having a great time (for the most part).  I hope to find a place to live VERY soon.  I also hope to talk to people soon,  and I will keep updating this blog.

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