Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Madrid has been very nice after the incident with the cab driver. I spent two nights at a hotel with my mom and Rick. We had some good meals and wandered around the city. I ate beluga caviar and tripe for the first time in my life. Sort of opposites on the price scale.

After Rick and my mom left I lugged all my stuff to a hostel in the middle of the city. Since then I have just continued to wonder around the city taking pictures, going to museums, eating and drinking. I wondered into a sherry bar on accident last night. The bar looked so cool with maybe 700-800 bottles of sherry on the wall, all with tons of dust on them. There were huge barrels behind the counter and the oldest cash machine I have ever seen in use (it was wooden, built into the bar, and had a crank that opened the drawer). The sherry was actually very good and it was accompanied by some delicious green olives.

Now that I am all on my own for the next 8 months this is starting to feel real. My orientation is this Thursday (the day after my birthday) and then I will be heading off to Logrono on the 3rd of October.

Here are some photos of my Madrid adventures. The pictures of the horses and guards etc. are just from something I randomly stumbled across. There were some cars and a carriage being escorted by all these guards on horses. Must have been someone important.

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