Monday, January 2, 2017

India Part 1: New Delhi

India Part 1: New Delhi

I came prepared for the worst: stomach issues, poverty, demonetization and pollution. Those expectations are probably why I liked Delhi better than expected. To sum up Delhi, and India so far, it is beautiful despite being dirty.

The food has been a highlight. I went on an early morning bicycle tour of old Delhi pretty much as soon as I arrived. During the tour we ate some fresh baked roti that was baked right in the street in a mass production for a large portion of the city. It was very fresh but because of the location and dirtiness I was a bit worried that I would be getting sick on my first day. Later in the tour I also tried some fresh guava for the first time in my life followed by a popular Indian breakfast. A few hours later I was still feeling great and have gotten more adventurous with the foods that I eat. And, they have been just the best.

The poverty thing strikes me as being what my hometown of Portland Oregon would look like if the population was somewhere around the 20 million mark that is Delhi. That is to say, it wasn't quite as shocking or awful as I expected, but it is a fact of life here.

Demonetization made me extremely worried as soon as I arrived because it was very difficult to get any cash at the airport and none of the taxis took cards. After finally getting some cash and taking the subway (to save cash) into the city I quickly got the hang of it and haven't had too difficult of a time finding cash.

The pollution is real!

Now for the pictures: foods, forts, markets and temples of all sorts.

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