Monday, January 30, 2017

India Part 6: Hampi

India Part 6: Hampi

Hampi, in the state of Karnataka India is the most beautiful place I have seen in India up to this point in my trip. It is an old city with many ruins scattered around. Another UNESCO site, and one that deserves the title. The ancient ruins, as well as the temples still in use today, give it the look of famous places in Myanmar or South America. However, it is also located in what must have been a giant river many hundreds or thousands of years ago. There are boulder structures scattering the countryside surrounding the ancient city.

The boulders make for great bouldering or rock climbing. I gave bouldering a try for the second time in my life. Bouldering is like rock climbing but it's much lower to the ground and more technical. The goal is to manuever boulders in certain ways rather than climb up a large mountain. It was very fun.

I also did something I had been putting off due to lack of experience and fear of traffic; I rented a moped. Most people in India rent mopeds to get around and I felt like I had missed a few experiences since I did not feel too comfortable doing so, however, Hampi had little to no traffic and was the perfect place for riding a moped. Riding around on country roads through the boulders, rice paddies, rivers, lakes, temples, small villages and towns was the highlight of Hampi for me. Also, Hampi was very photogenic so I have a lot to share here.

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