Friday, September 2, 2011

First Few Days In Seoul

After a great and relaxing Summer at home in Oregon I finally made it to Seoul a few days ago.  The visa took longer than expected, which meant that I arrived on a Wednesday night and had to start working on Thursday.  I had two full days of teaching and both went really well.  The kids are great but I can tell it is going to be a lot of exhausting work.

I moved into my apartment right away and the head of the school told me before hand that he didn't like it but that they couldn't find anything else.  He said if I stay there they will pay me 100,000 won ($100) extra each month.  The apartment wasn't too bad.  It has a very small shower/bathroom but other than that it seems pretty good.

Other than school so far all I have done is wander around my neighborhood.  I've decided that my neighborhood must not be popular with foreigners because in the 4 days I have been here I have not seen a single non-Korean person.  I don't have internet yet but I should have it sometime next week.  For now I have been going to the local coffee house called Coffine Garunaru.  It was pretty difficult ordering coffee the first day but the lady remembers me now so it's easy.  It's my weekend so I am planning to get on the metro and go figure out the city now that I have some free time.

Here are some pictures of my neighborhood.  You can expect more next week after I explore more of this huge city.