Monday, September 26, 2011

The Smog Sure Looks Beautiful From Hwaseong Fortress

Through the magic that is facebook I was able to meet with Briana, and old friend who I met in a sociology class freshman year at Chapman University.  Neither of us have a phone but somehow we managed to find each other in this city of 10 Million plus people. 

We decided to do something that the Internet had said was beautiful and free, Hwaseong Fortress.  We took the metro in an embarrassingly indirect rout that took us nearly 3 hours.  After spending a good chunk of the day on the metro we were both super hungry so we stopped at a food place that had fake models of the food outside so that we had an idea of what we were getting.  The menu was in Korean so we ordered Bibimbap for safety reasons.  It was delicious and only 4,500 won (about 4 bucks).  After eating we walked about 10 more minutes looking for the fortress before we saw a  huge wall and wandered our way in.  The fortress was built in the late 1700's and it was my first experience seeing an old Korean historical site that wasn't tucked between skyscrapers (although they were still in the background). 

Overall it was a pretty great weekend and it was fun catching up with Briana and talking about our experiences the first few weeks in Seoul.  More adventures to come. 

And as usual some photos for the readers.

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