Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seoul: Something New Every Day

I spent the last two weeks getting settled at the new school.  Things are going great, I really like the classes, the kids and my coworkers. 

My coworkers took me out to a welcome dinner after school last Thursday and I got a first hand experience of Korean drinking culture.  Let's just say, getting a ride home from my boss at 3 AM on a school night is still kind of a blur.  The dinner took place at a Korean BBQ joint, the food was good and there was lots of it.  There was also a ton of Soju (Korean rice liqour) flowing and it is apparently rude to tell an elder "no" when they offer you a drink.

This Thursday was one of my coworkers birthdays so I went out for round 2.  This time I learned to be rude, although sometime uncomfortable, at least I felt okay the next day.  This time the meal was a bit more adventurous: starting out with a hot plate shared in the middle of the table filled with glass noodles, blood sausage and intestine.   Surprisingly enough I really liked the intestine.  It kind of tasted like spicy squid without the fish flavor (chewy).  Then we moved on to the next place which consisted of soft tofu, spicy sprout soup and raw (just killed) squid).  They pull the squid out of tanks that are on the streets outside of each restaurant with many different types of live seafood, then they take it in the back and chop it up and serve it to you with 2 different types of dipping sauce.  The body tastes really tender and good and the legs taste a bit more chewy than when they are cooked.  It was definitely an interesting experience.  The night ended in an underground karaoke joint where you get your own room with a big-screen karaoke TV.  They love their karaoke.

Anyway did not have my camera with me for most of these adventures but I have also done some walking around the city alone and that is where these pictures come from.

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