Friday, September 17, 2010


Wednesday was a very long day of traveling. I was still so jetlagged and hostels are hard enough to sleep in that I woke up before my 4:30 AM alarm clock. I got on a bus at 5 AM for the airport and landed in Amsterdam 6 hours later at 12:50 ( Amsterdam time). I took another train into central Amsterdam where I stuffed my luggage into a locker that could hardly hold it, and set off to walk around while I waited for Raphael and Stephanie to get off work/school. I ended up sitting in a bar called 'skek for uffabout an hour drinking coffee and working on my blog and surfing the web. This city is beautiful. I spent the evening walking around the city with Raphael and just getting my first taste of Amsterdam.

Thursday we rode bikes around the entire city. He letteraly took me to every neighborhood.
We went into some cool book stores and some vintage clothing stores.  We had lunch at a very cute little dutch deli then went into a coffee shop (which was playing ABBA exclusively), I drank some fresh mint tea (a delicious tea that consists of fresh mint and hot water).
The bike riding was truly terrifying. Bikes are just everywhere in this city and what makes it really scary is mopeds are considered bikes.

I think I am finaly getting caught up with the current time. Today Daniel comes in on the train in a couple hours and I will be staying in a Hostel with him. We plan to go to some musuems and wonder the city some more. Here are my Amsterdam pictures so far.

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