Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Night in Amsterdam first day in Paris

Our last night in Amsterdam we decided to do a pub crawl.  While we were eating dinner waiting to meet our pub crawl we saw Gabourey Sidibe walking around looking in shop windows.  First celebrity sighting.  The pub crawl was fun, it was more of a "club" crawl than a pub crawl.  They took us to 6 different bars (the last one was a club), with free entrance and one free drink at each location.

In any place that sells food or drink in Holland you have to pay to use the bathroom.  Add that fact to a crowded club and you get a real spectacle,  imagine a coed bathroom packed completely full with two door girls sitting on stools smoking cigarettes collecting 50 cents from each patron.

The next morning we caught the train to Paris.  Daniel has a very nice little loft pretty close to the center of the city, and his parents have an amazing apartment (the view is the best) just a few blocks away.  After dropping out stuff off at his apartment we went by his parents and took some pictures from the balcony before heading out.  We walked all around the city; from Notre Dame to the Louvre.  Once again the pictures speak for themselves.  Three more days in Paris before heading to Madrid.


Daniels Apartment


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