Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iceland continued...

I didn't know what to expect when I walked into a bar called Boston in downtown Reykjavik. The bar is very small, there are two men sitting at the bar greeting me with an awkward smile like they know something that I don't. The men at the bar say something in Icelandic and they both laugh with the bartender as I ask how much a beer is. 800, two for one before 8, I sit down with my beer and notice the decorations; antelope sculls, a stuffed raven and a painting of two women engaging in a sexual act. Viking beer is the only beer they offer, and it is pretty good. The bartender plays Beatles songs and eventually switches over to Beirut.

After my beer I took a nice long nap before going to dinner. I ate a Whaleburger and went for a walk before finally ending up at Boston once again. This time, hours later the place was packed, and one of the two people from earlier was still sitting at the bar. “Boy”.. “Hey boy..” I hear, and look over and he says “yes you, what's your story.” I spent the next hour talking about global warming and Icelandic politics (and how it is effecting their drinking) with Hillgard and Maria.

This place is so foreign and beautiful yet somewhat familiar. It reminds me of how small the world is and how anywhere you go in the world you will see or hear things that remind you of home; a local beer that everyone drinks or the music that is playing. It was not until this moment that it really hit me that I will be living in a foreign land for 8 months and what that really means. I will be in Spain long enough to really learn the culture, and that in-and-of-itself will change me. It is an education to be able to immerse yourself in another culture and really understand it past the outer levels of seeing that culture as a tourist. I am so grateful that I am able to do this and I am going to do all that I can to make the best of it.

Iceland is truly nothing like what I could had expected. These photos are from something called The Golden Circle and I think they mostly speak for themselves.


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